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The fire in Burmaveien flared up again


Of thomas | 19.05.2024 17:40:12

Karmøy: There is an orange warning in the past in Western Norway due to dry vegetation due to high temperatures and little rain.

– Yesterday there was a major fire in Burmaveien on Karmøy. The fire flared up again today, and crews and volunteers are on the scene to put the fire down, the duty manager at the 110 central, Nils Simmerøy, told Radio Haugaland at 5.20pm on Sunday.

Simmerøy reminds people of the general ban on fires in the countryside and encourages people to use common sense, for example if they are going to barbecue. Simmerøy also asks people who want to grill with disposable grills to do so in prepared places, and to have access to water.

Very dry vegetation in Western Norway means that the Meteorological Institute ( and has upgraded the danger warning from yellow to orange. This means that the danger of forest, grass and heather fires is increasing in the sun and in several other places in Rogaland. Yr’s colors on danger warnings briefly explained:

Level 1: yellow = danger

Level 2: orange = great danger

Level 3. red = extreme danger


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