Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The group IVE showed their power in the video for “Accendio”


The eK-Pop group IVE released the official video for “Accendio“, a song from their second mini album “IVE SWITCH”. Previously, they presented the video of“HEYA.”

In the video, IVE unlocks his powers after encountering a strange magic wand, and they fight their own doubles. “Accendio” is the second song from the group’s second EP album “IVE Switch”, which also includes “Heya” as the title track.

The double title theme “HEYA” features an addictive melody with compelling lyrics and rap that dominate the atmosphere, showcasing IVE’s dynamic charm. The track is designed to be catchy and easy to listen to for a wide audience, further demonstrating the wide musical spectrum of IVE.

The new album is a starting point from which IVE aims to show its new look, and tells a new story of the band in IVE’s unique style.

It is composed of six tracks, including the two main themes, “HEYA“, with lyrics by Exy, leader of Cosmic Girls, and “Accendio“as well as the song”“Blue Heart”, in which member Jang Won-young participated as a lyricist. The song list is completed with “Ice Queen”, “WOW” and “RESET”.

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