Saturday, May 25, 2024

The group RIIZE released their debut album “RIIZING”, and the videos for “9 Days” and “One Kiss”


SM Entertainment’s Rookie Boy Group RIIZAND released his debut mini album “RIIZING”. In addition, the K-Pop band released the videos for the B-side songs “9 Days” and “One Kiss”.

The mini album is made up of six songs: “Siren”, “Impossible”, “9 Days”, “Honestly” and “One Kiss”.

The group published the official video of “9 Days” is described as a dance genre with energetic synths and drum sounds, offering a dynamic listening experience as if one were in the middle of a bustling music festival. In the lyrics, the singer feels so busy without a moment to spare that a week feels like 9 days, but he refuses to give up and vows to continue pursuing his dreams.

They then released the music video for “One Kiss.” As another special treat for fans, a live clip of “Honestly” will be presented on May 1.

On April 3, RIIZE released a full version of their single “Siren”, his song after his debut in August of last year.

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