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The heartbreaking cry of Camila Lattanzio from Big Brother that caused concern on the internet


Camila Lattanzio shared in the last hours on official Instagram account a video of her crying, and not saying any words. Obviously, it caused concern among her followers.

From the application’s broadcast channel, he uploaded the video, and below he shared a few words: “Everything may seem happy, but I think I am in one of the worst moments of my life.”

One could assume that crying was due to the fight he had with Coti Romero, since the woman from Corrientes accused her of stealing things from her bag.

“I wanted to talk to you about something that happened when we were at your house. I lost some things, also my sister and Agus, my friend. They were things that were in a closed bag. “I never took them out of there and then they had them in photos with Puma and I don’t like that,” were the words of Coti to Camila.

Finally, the real reason for the heartbreaking crying of Camila Lattanzio, but it is also known that the production of Big Brother He didn’t behave well with her, and she feels rejected. That could be a big reason for her crying.

What did Camila Lattanzio say about Coti Romero’s accusation?

Camila Lattanzio broke the silence after Coty Romero He would accuse her of stealing her clothes. on a visit to his house after his time in Big Brother (Telefe).

This information was provided by the Corrientes in a stream she made with Martín Cirio where she revealed: “I loved Cami a lot. Then something happened like… she stole my clothes.” Therefore, in The LAM Army (Bondi Live) they asked him: “Did you get clothes for Coty?”

Then, the twin explained: “She says that we robbed her and she came for 4 days, 4 girls from Coty to my house to sleep with 50 suitcases. She forgot… it was a black top guys, real, the only thing. They brought 50,500 suitcases and I said ‘if it’s in my house, it’s mine or my friend’s.’ Why, if I had stolen my clothes, would I have taken a photo? And even less so with a top, which is what they give us the most in exchange. But well, I thought he had a real relationship with me. I went to La Tora’s house 50 times, I went to most of the GH people’s houses and nothing ever disappeared. And I went to Coty’s house a lot of times and nothing ever went missing either. In addition, I opened the door of my house with my mother, my aunt, my family to all her friends and to her“.

However, after seeing the repercussions generated by the singer’s defense, Constanza could not help but show the screenshots when she demanded the clothes from her friend: “Cami, how are you? I wanted to talk to you anyway, about something that happened when We were at your house, I had sent you an audio because I also lost some things to my sister and Agus, my friend, and they were things that were in my closed bag, I never took it out of there and I remember perfectly and then they had them in photos with Puma and I don’t like that. I didn’t tell it in any media or put it on the networks and I even asked my sister not to do it because she wanted to do it, because she trusted you. I thought that I had finally found someone to trust here and I loved you very much, it hurt me, I said I’m going to tell you later when I’m calmer because those things don’t matter to me, in fact it’s material and that comes and goes, but I opened the doors of my house to you, the same to you and I didn’t like the attitude, actually. It hurt me, more than anything else, and that’s it, but I wanted to tell you because I know that whoever it was took the things out of my bag, I didn’t leave them anywhere.”

Camila Lattanzio and Coty Romero
Camila Lattanzio and Coty Romero

And, at that time, Lattanzio’s response, five months later, did not coincide with the photos that Romero showed where she had her clothes on: “Hello Coty, how are you? I want to leave you your clothes that I have had in my house for a long time, obviously they have not been used and have been stored since that time I told you. And, I already found out everything you talked about and invented about me, so I don’t want to have any more relationship. Please send me the address or somewhere I can send you things.”

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