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The invisible side of cybercrime – Watch your clicks online, urges…

“No serious organization will ask for our bank password from a social networking platform. The codes are only for us”

The numbers from the cases of suicide attempts via the internet are shocking and the intervention of the Police is a lifesaver, according to the head of the Electronic Crime Sub-Directorate of the Police, Andreas Anastasiadis, who, speaking to Politis 107.6 and 97.6, described this phenomenon as “an invisible aspect of electronic crime”.

Mr. Anastasiadis said when asked that all the incidents that reach them are evaluated and investigated, so that with the intervention of the Electronic Crime Office, the worst can be prevented.

The provision of assistance to persons who have the intention or manifestation of suicidal intention is a given, he noted and added: “We try to locate these persons and following information we have either from other internet users or from organizations that provide psychological support or even from betting companies. Our concern is to locate the user as soon as possible in order to act effectively. And if he is identified, with good cooperation with the social welfare and mental health services, his immediate support proceeds.”

Mr. Anastasiadis explained what those who express such behavior are trying to escape from, as well as how to identify them. One of the main factors leading to the intention of a punishable act is sexual bullying, but it is not the only one.

Watch out for clicks

Be careful what you click on the internet, urges Andreas Anastasiadis, head of the Cybercrime Directorate of the Police, who spoke on the show “Second look at the facts”, about the new methods criminals are using to approach unsuspecting citizens and trick them online. “They are betting on human error, on haste, on the availability of access to our accounts by third parties. Therefore we must be very careful with each click and under no circumstances give the passwords to others. No serious organization will ask for our bank password from a social networking platform. The codes are only for us”, advises Mr. Anastasiadis, who was speaking on the show “Second look at the facts”.

Listen to the intervention of Mr. Anastasiadis here:

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