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The left wants foreign military bases in Norway


Liberal deputy leader Sveinung Rotevatn proposes allowing foreign military forces to set up bases on Norwegian soil. Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB

Of NTB | 30.05.2024 01:42:58

War and conflicts: After Russia’s war in Ukraine, the Left believes that allied forces should be allowed to set up military bases on Norwegian soil, reports NRK.

On Thursday, Venstre deputy leader Sveinung Rotevatn will present the new election program for the party. Among other things, it will be proposed to allow foreign military forces to set up bases on Norwegian soil. Rotevatn believes permanent allied forces on Norwegian soil will lead to much closer cooperation between Norway, Sweden and Finland.

– Sweden and Finland have a large concentration of forces further south, while we have the entire north, where Swedish and Finnish forces can be deployed, says Rotevatn, who believes that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine must be a wake-up call.

– Norway must equip our defense in the north, also together with our allies. We need more defense in the north – quickly, says the deputy leader.

The proposal is contrary to Norwegian base policy. Since 1949, Norway has not allowed foreign powers to set up military bases within our borders.

The Liberals are not the first to propose a change. Two years ago, Sylvi Listhaug said that the FRP would open foreign military bases in Norway.

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