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The members of the Mexican group Jeans left a strong message for NewJeans after accusations of plagiarism


The members of the Mexican group JNS (before Jeans) recorded a video to show their full support for the K-Pop group NewJeans, after being accused of plagiarism. And they even referred to a possible collaboration.

Did Newjeans copy a Mexican group?

Through a video published on their official TikTok account, published on May 25, the members of JNS They said: “How incredible to cross borders and have the 90s return with such a beautiful concept! Lots of love! To NewJeans, congratulations. It is spectacular that they have taken the concept of the 90s as a reference and it is an honor. Call us it would be great to collaborate“.

Towards the end of the video, the JNS members are seen interacting with a Korean fan who seems to have drawn their attention to the recent plagiarism controversy.

Previously, in the middle of fierce confrontation in the HYBE family between ADOR (Newjeans) and BELIFT LAB (ILLIT), where there are accusations of plagiarism, a flood of Internet users maintained that NewJeans had copied the looks, hairstyles and concepts of the 90s girl group Jeans.

Jeans group defends Newjeans
Paty Sirvent (Patylú) supporting Newjeans

Paty Sirvent (Patylú) herself published one of the edited posts, where they compared both styles and claimed that it was plagiarism, and destroyed any controversy by openly supporting Newjeans.

Then, from the official account of the JNS group, they celebrated that the 90s style, used by countless groups, has returned.

Jeans group defends Newjeans
The Jeans group defends Newjeans

When did the Mexican group Jeans debut?

JNS formerly “Jeans” is a Mexican pop music band formed in Mexico City at the end of 1994. In its beginnings, it was made up of Paty Sirvent, Angie Taddei, Litzy, Tábatha Vizuet and Bianca Carrasco. In 1995, before the release of his debut album, Carrasco left the project.

Throughout the group’s history, there were frequent lineup changes. Some of the best-known members were Patricia Sirvent, Karla Díaz-Leal Arreguín, Melissa López, Regina Murguía, Dulce María and Litzy.

Prior to its disintegration in 2008, the group was made up of Paty Sirvent, Karla Díaz-Leal Arreguín and Marcela García Cruz who toured their twelve-year career, reissuing their greatest hits as “The illusion of first love” among others. During this time the group met repeatedly.

Since 2015 the lineup is made up of Regina, Melissa, Angie and Karla touring since then with his “Metamorfosis Tour” and “90s Pop Tour” Jeans being how they continue to be named by the public.

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