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The Minister of Health receives 25,000 signatures against the closure of epilepsy services


Health and Care Minister Jan Christian Vestre receives over 25,000 signatures on Thursday from people who have reacted to the cut in the children’s ward at the Special Hospital for Epilepsy (SSE). Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

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Social conditions: Minister of Health and Care Jan Christian Vestre (Ap) meets the Epilepsy Association (NEF) to talk about epilepsy services in the country.

– Do you want to join us when we hand over 25,000 signatures to the Minister of Health, asks the association on its Facebook page and encourages people to show up outside the Ministry of Health and Care on Thursday.

The signatures are from people who have reacted to the cut in the children’s ward at the Special Hospital for Epilepsy (SSE). In 2023, over 200 children received treatment at the five beds that are being closed.

Head of department Grete Almåsbak at SSE has spoken Today’s Medicine that most departments in OUS must be restructured and that there is no need for all the places.

– The knowledge base for a children’s ward is recommended to be no larger than 20, which also covers the need. Another factor is a slight decrease in the number of referrals to the department, according to Almåsbak.

Around 40,000 people live with epilepsy in Norway, according to the Epilepsy Association.

In 2017, the majority requested i the health committee, including Ap, Sp and SV, the government ensure a clear quality assurance and safeguarding of the national treatment service for epilepsy.

SSE is part of Oslo University Hospital (OUS). It is the management at OUS that recently decided on the cut, which entails the loss of five beds and 5.5 nursing and health worker positions in the children’s ward.

When the cut became known, pediatrician and union representative Kari Modalsli Aaberg said that she is worried that this will affect patient safety and the quality of treatment. The cuts came into effect from 1 April.

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