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The Ministry of Security hired the Oliveras Locomotive: what function will it have?


Alejandra “Locomotive” Oliveras She was hired by the Ministry of Security and details were known about the role she will have.

The information was given by Teleshow and they said that the boxer will be part of the National Directorate of Security at Sports Events.

What the Oliveras Locomotive will do in the Ministry of Security

Your task will be to carry out the program Take care of the gamewhich aims to provide tools to sports associations in the training of social and emotional competencies, as an integral part of sports development, to prevent violence in children’s and youth leagues. In addition, it will have the support of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and sports leaders,” sources linked to the Government said.

Locomotive Oliveras and Patricia Bullrich
Patricia Bullrich and the Oliveras Locomotive

In turn, from the Ministry of Security they assured that they thought about the Oliveras Locomotive because they saw her qualified for this task, since They know their work with young people so that they lean towards sports and leave the streets.

It should be remembered that in 2023, while Patricia Bullrich (current Minister of Security) was carrying out her campaign to run for president for Together for Changethe athlete recorded a video with her and it went viral.

Regarding why he got into politics, at that time he said: “I get involved because a town with plans is not a worthy town; because there is a lot of crime, They robbed my son twice in a week at gunpoint to take his cell phone; and because I have toured my country for seven years with motivational talks and there is a lot of pain, poverty and anguish; We are wrong and someone has to change that.”

Patricia is a woman who moves forward; she what she says she, she says it she is convinced. When she was Minister of Security, she did justice and confronted the drug traffickers. You have to get involved, you don’t have to complain. Middle class people have to have two or three jobs to live, that’s why I get involved in politics. “I didn’t fight anymore, so I want to help Argentina from another side,” she had told her. Oliveras Locomotive about Bullrich.

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