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The moment of tension that Mercedes Ninci experienced in the middle of the mobile for Mañanísima: “Get out the jets!”


Mercedes Ninci lived a moment of tension in the middle of the mobile very morning (El Trece) while covering the measure of strength of the La Fraternidad guild in Constitución.

What happened to Mercedes Ninci

The journalist was showing what happened this Thursday due to the established force measure, which proposed that the trains circulate at 30 km/h as a claim for the wages of the drivers, when she suddenly began to laugh and explained what was happening.

This is divine, the custodians want to get us out of here. Boys, go look for the jets, it’s full here!“the communicator exploded.

“But forgive me, Milei is president and doesn’t he say that we have to have freedom? This is freedom, that they let us work in peace,” he was outraged. Carmen Barbieri.

“They are hardworking and obey orders,” he justified. Mercedes Ninci the attitude of the security men. And he stood up: “They won’t take me out of here. Get out the jets!“.

For his part, Diego Ramos reflected: “Maybe what I’m going to say is nonsense. But I see such a structure, such a station, the number of platforms… At what point did this country go to shit…? We had trains, we had architecture… I can’t understand it. How poorly managed we have been for years is wonderful, there is no other place.

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