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The most intimate side of Florencia Peña: how she keeps the fire in her relationship with Ramiro Ponce de León


Florencia Pena He was always characterized by not being ashamed to talk about his sexual life and his intimacy.. She even took it to such a level that at the time she was highly criticized for revealing that she had an open couple with her current husband Ramiro Ponce de León.

On this occasion, the actress made reference to her relationships with her husband and how they keep the fire going, following a question from Rodrigo Lussich in Show Partners (The thirteen): “I read the other day that they stopped dressing up with your husband.”.

In this way, she said: “My husband the other day told me ‘can you stop telling those things?’, he is a lawyer. All his lawyer friends start sending him the notes. He didn’t dress up but I’m an actress, in life I’m a drama queen. I always wanted to play dress up and he told me ‘well, come on’but since he has a lot of humor there were moments where things got humorous and…”

“There I started as a nurse and gave it a little cringe, He told me ‘is there a need?’. ‘Hello sir, I’m coming to give you the injection’ and he looked at me like ‘we can skip that,'” she specified.

Finally, Flor Peña explained that “I was always very sexual but, for me, sex was the most important thing after finding a partner. But, today, at 50, I know that sex is the most important thing but it is not predominant.”

What is Flor Peña’s open relationship with her husband like?

Based on the idea that being with other people outside of the relationship is infidelity, Florencia Pena She was in the eye of the storm in 2018 when an audio of, at that time, her future husband began to circulate Ramiro Ponce de Leon with other woman.

So it was that the actress had been forced to come out and clarify that it was not a hoax, but rather a common agreement between the couple. “We are together because we love each other, but we see each other and have sex with other people. I want you to know that With Ramiro we have a consensual and open relationshipwhere neither of the two does anything that they have not previously talked about,” he explained in Intruders (America).

Florencia Peña and Ramiro Ponce de Leon
Florencia Peña and Ramiro Ponce de León

However, the fact that the lawyer’s meeting with another person was made public was not to the liking of Florencia Peña, who assured: “It’s not nice to know details, with whom and to put a face to it, I don’t want it to look like I screwed up.” . We have an open and consensual relationship and we love each other that way; I would have liked it not to happen, I would have liked not to know details, but there was no betrayal here“.


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