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The municipality advises against swimming in Oslo


Oslo municipality warns against swimming in the Oslofjord after Monday’s torrential rain. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB

Of NTB | 27.05.2024 23:33:08

Medicine and health: Rain is also expected in the coming days, if not in as large amounts as on Monday. It is not until the weekend that nice weather is reported in Oslo again, and then it might be tempting to take a bath.

But Oslo municipality advises against swimming, and asks people to wait, writes VG.

– We always advise against swimming after heavy rain. I wouldn’t want to bathe myself, says specialist responsible for bathing water monitoring in Oslo municipality, Hans Kristian Daviknes

He says that there can be large amounts of intestinal bacteria at some bathing areas after the torrential rain. This is because the drainage network does not have the capacity to remove all the water that arrives in a short time.

Untreated sewage can then enter waterways and fjords.

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