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The National Rally snubs BFMTV in protest against the hiring of a journalist

The National Gathering has decided to refuse all BFMTV set invitations until further notice. Jordan Bardella and Marine Le Pen protest against the arrival on the channel of a journalist from the “Quotidien” program on TMC who will soon be responsible for following the news of the RN.

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Rarely in recent media history have relations been so degraded between a political party and a television channel. The elected representatives of the National Rally are now prohibited from responding to requests from BFMTV, whether for ” trays “in the studio,” duplex “, Or ” interviews “. At issue: the hiring of journalist Sophie Dupont, who must leave the Daily program, broadcast every evening on TMC, to join the political department of BFMTV and follow the National Rally there.

After having exposed to the management of the channel our greatest reluctance towards a journalist who has been leading a militant and political fight against us for several years professionally, BFMTV chooses in conscience to confirm this choice. “, lamented the management of the RN in a message sent to the” main speakers ” party.

She is not a journalist, but a political activist “says a party communicator who complains of behavior” disgusting “. ” She makes fun of our activists in her reports “, Continues this close to Jordan Bardella who notes a whole series of alleged shortcomings of the chain in recent months. Truncated remarks in particular.

Asked by AFP, a party official said that it was not a ” boycott “, but of a ” moratorium “. Discussions would be engaged between the direction of the party and the direction of the chain. ” We ask for a normal treatment with a follow-up like all the other parties “, he continues, acknowledging also that the appointment of Sophie Dupont is “ the water drop » which broke the camel’s back.

On numerous occasions in recent years, journalists have already been refused access to events organized by the RN. Marine Le Pen, who aspires to come to power, therefore very clearly claims a right of scrutiny over the journalists who follow her.

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