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The Norwegian pilots demand half a million more in wages


The distance is great between the pilots and the management before the mediation in the Norwegian settlement on Thursday. Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB

Of NTB | 29.05.2024 22:52:58

Economy and business: A Norwegian flight captain with full seniority now earns a little more than NOK 1.3 million a year, and the pilots are demanding a new highest salary step, which entails a salary increase of just under 40 percent in two years, writes Television 2. This will mean that from November this year they will receive just over NOK 1.9 million a year in basic salary.

Confederation leader Alf Hansen of the Norwegian Pilot Union admits to the channel that the pilots’ wages are already high.

– But we are part of a European market that has been growing for many years, and the requirement now is to close the gap to colleagues in the group whose salaries are significantly higher than ours, says Hansen. He goes on to say that the pilots have endured tough years for the company, and that the management has received increased salaries after the trend has been reversed.

Norwegian says that the pilots’ demands cannot be met and claims that their calculations give the wrong impression of the wage trend because they calculate in kroner, while what appear to be wage increases abroad are in reality due to the weak krone.

– We think these are very high demands. It is of an order of magnitude that is completely impossible for us to accommodate, says assistant director of information at Norwegian, Esben Tuman. Furthermore, he refers to the increase in management salaries at Norwegian as “relatively moderate”.

In the first instance, 17 pilots have been notified of a strike if there is a breach. The deadline is midnight on the night of Saturday.

Parat has announced the resignation of a total of 690 members, who in the extreme may be taken out on strike if the mediation is unsuccessful.

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