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The Palestinian prime minister will overcome corruption


Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa announces comprehensive reform plans. Photo: Majdi Mohammed / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 23.04.2024 22:40:22

War and conflicts: Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa says the plans involve overcoming corruption, making the authorities more transparent and improving the legal system and public bureaucracy.

The Prime Minister also announces plans to improve health services and schools.

For the most part, the reform plans coincide with laws passed by Mustafa’s predecessor.

The United States is among the countries that are pressuring the Palestinian Authority to carry out major reforms in order to restore confidence among the Palestinian population.

Despite opposition from Benjamin Netanyahu, the US maintains that the self-governing authority must be involved in the management of the Gaza Strip when Israeli forces withdraw.

Mustafa was installed by President Mahmoud Abbas earlier this year, after Mohammad Shtayyeh resigned as prime minister along with the rest of the government.

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