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The particular response that Furia received when he consulted the end date of Big Brother


Juliana Rage Scaglione She is one of the few participants who has been there since the beginning of this edition of Big Brother (Telefe) inside the house but, although the desire to go out is increasing in the majority, that is not the case.

In that context and knowing that his residence within the reality show would have been extended, The little sister went to the confessional to ask when the program would definitively end..

However, not only did they not answer his question, but they did so in a very curious way: “We are waiting for the same thing. You are not going to stay until December”.

“They are more tired than us outside. I don’t want to leave.”Furia concluded about his stay within Big Brother (Telefe).

Fury targeted the production of Big Brother

Juliana Rage Scaglione pointed, again, against the production of Big Brother (Telefe) after Virginia Demo’s daughter, Delfina, won the house for which he competed with the friend of Martin Ku, Facundo.

Full of irony, while talking with Bautista Mascia in the garden, Rage threw into the air: “By the way, they are telling me that there was fraud yesterday.” And he continued: “What happened? Did the ‘Bro’ almost break the entire studio? Hahaha look how crazy the tribune is.”

Finally, in the video fragment that they released (@TronkOficial in X) she is heard saying: “Well, It doesn’t matter Bauti. You know you’re going to win, right? The biyuya (the silver)”, Furia continued. “Hello, yes, the Bro are going to win Big Brother? hahahaha“concluded the participant.


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