The passionate reunion that Denisse González and Bautista Mascia had after the end of Big Brother: “Naked”

The passionate reunion that Denisse González and Bautista Mascia had after the end of Big Brother: “Naked”

Bautista Mascia was crowned champion of Big Brother (Telefe) this Sunday, July 7was invited to Cut by Lozano (Telefe) to talk about his stay in the house, and revealed with some details how the reunion he experienced with Denisse Gonzalezher partner, after the end of the reality show.

The Uruguayan and the blonde, who ended up very much in love inside the house, were able to have the long-awaited reunion, even though they had the opportunity to see each other several times on the reality show; among them, the symbolic wedding of both. However, they were never able to be alone and after seven months the moment arrived.

In the cycle of Veronica Lozanothey told how they lived the first night together outside the most famous house in the country, and Denisse revealed: “We were only there for a few hours because he is still in isolation”. AND Baptist added: “We had a champagne.”

Then, Vicky Xipolitakis He recalled a moment they had in the middle of the wedding and said: “I want to ask you… Before Denisse got married, she said that she would have loved to hear an ‘I love you’ from you. Now that you have her here, does that come naturally to you?”

Later, the Uruguayan hinted that this “I love you” He told her this in the last few hours in an intimate encounter and spiced up the situation: “Well, we’re going to have to repeat yesterday’s scene, Denu.”

“Last night? Naked?”he was asked on the panel. The winner of Big Brother (Telefe), Without beating around the bush, he confessed with a laugh: “Yes, naked.”

What record did Bautista Mascia break after winning Big Brother?

Bautista Mascia, winner of Big Brother 2023 (Telefe)broke a tremendous record on her social networks and in her songs after leaving the most famous house in the country.

Last week, Santiago del Moro entered the house to show them what the reality show generated in the media, and in one part of the video they revealed the followers that the finalists had on their Instagram accounts. At that moment, Nicholas Grosman had reached 412,000, Emmanuel Vich at 376,000 and Baptist to 846,000.

While everyone was surprised by the large number of fans who supported them on social media, Baptist He was moved to tears and could not believe it.

Before entering the reality show, I had Approximately 42,000 followers on Instagram. Almost two months after starting the program, In Exitoína we showed that he had more than 255,000 followers. However, as of today, it has surpassed the 1,100,000.

The passionate reunion that Denisse González and Bautista Mascia had after the end of Big Brother: “Naked”
Bautista Mascia’s followers after winning Big Brother. (Capture: Instagram)

According to Fede Bongiorno via Xsaid that “He is the third to achieve this in this edition, after Manzana and Sabrina Cortéz.”

On the other hand, it should be noted that Baptist She is also a singer and released one of her musical themes (It does not hurt anymore) three days after the beginning of Big BrotherTwo months later, he had more than 1,600,000 viewsand now it has surpassed the almost 14,000,000 just like in Spotify.

Reproductions of Bautista Mascia in his song It doesn't hurt me anymore
Bautista Mascia’s reproductions of his song Ya no me duele (I Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore). (Screenshot: YouTube)

These are some of the greatest records that he achieved Bautista Mascia after passing through Big Brother (Telefe) until he became a champion. Millions of followers, views and a life ahead of him.

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