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The police are critical of the fact that deported persons are released on probation


The police will now detain the man here at the police immigration detention center at Trandum, awaiting extradition from Norway. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

Of NTB | 10.06.2024 04:53:06

Crime and justice: Immediately after his release he was arrested by the police and produced for detention for four weeks. Police attorney Arne Fjellstad in the West police district tells Bergens Tidende that he believes the release is unfortunate.

– For me, it is difficult to understand why a foreign citizen without legal residence in the country should be released on probation before the sentence has been served, says Fjellstad to the newspaper.

He also criticizes the rules that allow leave and release for people without a residence permit.

– They have been expelled and are not to be returned to Norwegian society in the first place. This makes our work more difficult and increases the risk of them disappearing before export, he says.

The now 44-year-old man came to Norway in 2008 and applied for asylum, which was refused. The man was deported the following year, but never left. During the years in Norway, he has been sentenced to unconditional imprisonment for a total of 11 years, according to the police.

Tom Barth Hofstad from the law firm Elden, who represents the 44-year-old, says that they do not agree with the police’s presentation of the case. He will not elaborate on this further until he has spoken to his client, he tells BT.

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