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The police are intensifying the fight against tax crime


Økocrim boss Pål K. Lønseth is given greater responsibility in combating serious tax crime. In a new project from the autumn, Økokrim will process reports from the Tax Agency for two police districts. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Of NTB | 07.06.2024 09:03:04

Crime and justice: – Over several years, the police and the prosecution have not had the opportunity to prioritize the investigation of serious tax crime to a sufficient extent, says Økokrim chief Pål Lønseth in a press release.

Now a new trial project will intensify the fight against those who do not pay the tax they are supposed to.

From the autumn, resources from the Oslo and East police districts are pooled under the leadership of Økokrim. In a separate project group, they will receive all the reports from the Tax Administration, which would normally go to the aforementioned police districts.

Director of Police Benedicte Bjørnland says it is of great importance that the police actually have the capacity to uncover serious offenses uncovered by the Tax Agency.

– The increasing threat from organized criminal networks shows that cooperation with the Tax Agency is also important for combating organized crime, says Bjørnland.

– We are very positive that the work with reviews from the Tax Agency is organized differently than before, says tax director Nina Schanke Funnemark.

– The entire trust in the tax system is based on the fact that evasion has consequences, and the trial project shows that we are rethinking the way we fight financial crime, she adds.

– We expect that this will contribute to a quality boost for investigation, prosecution and reprimanding of cases related to tax crime, and that we will be able to see this to a greater extent in the context of other serious crime, says the Økokrim chief.

The Director of the Tax Agency praises the measure in the fight against economic crime.

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