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The police believe the shooting at Bryn in Oslo was attempted murder – two 19-year-olds remanded in custody


A man in his late teens was shot at Bryn in Oslo on Monday evening. Two 19-year-old men have been detained for four weeks. Photo: Tipser / NTB

Of NTB | 17.04.2024 17:33:31

Crime and justice: The police asked for a ban on letters and visits for four weeks, with full isolation for the first two weeks. They won in court. It was Oslo newspaper who first reported this.

The shooting took place on Monday night. A man in his late teens was shot and even notified the police about the incident. He was seriously injured, but not life-threatening.

Police prosecutor Henrik Rådal in the Oslo police district says that they have not seized any weapons, but that one of the men has been linked to the incident. The people involved are known to the police from before.

– The central part of the investigation is to map the sequence of events, but we link the incident to a line of conflict in a criminal youth environment in the eastern region, says Rådal to NTB.

– I cannot say anything about that as the matter stands now.

– I can’t say anything about that.

– We always know more than we say.

What the police believe was an attempted murder took place in a hairdressing salon. In addition to the two who are now in custody, two others were also arrested, charged with complicity in attempted murder.

– These two were released because the grounds for suspicion against them have been weakened through investigation and questioning, says the police attorney to NTB.


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