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The powerful audio from Turco Naim after his separation and the rumors about Flor de la V and Nicolás Francella


The Turkish Naim spoke with Pablo Layus for his blog denying all types of rumors based on him, and at the same time he stressed that in his separation with Emilia Attias It was merely by mutual agreement. However, he stressed that there were no third parties in their fight.

“I was neither depressed nor lying on a couch because I am streaming. Let’s see what happens. I filmed two streamings on La canchita TV, which is where Turco García comes out and the first episode comes out in 15 days. “I filmed 12 episodes before coming here.”the actor began.

And I add: “I’m designing a beach bar in Ecuador, I didn’t escape from Ecuador. “I came to design a beach bar for a friend of mine who lives in Miami and now I’m going to go to Miami to design another bar, a gourmet grill in Miami and stream soccer.”

Regarding his future work, he stated emphatically: “From there, I return. I have a movie I’m finishing called The Skull and the Premiere of Disney’s MacAnimals, where I’m one of the leads. “I’m the bad protagonist.” and continued: You can imagine how much work I have left. They say things about the age difference that never bothered me or her either. We were 19 years old. Imagine that, if I had weighed the age difference, it would have been the first year.”

Based on its relationship with Emilia Attias He remarked: “I am very happy, loving her and I will never speak badly of my family, which is Emilia. I adore her and God will tell what life has in store for us. Today it is like that, today it is each person trying to rebuild themselves, and to make their life, because a separation is painful.”

Finally, El Tuco Naim He referred to rumors of third parties in disagreement: “He is not there (Nicholas Francella) stuck in the middle, that’s a blast. Florencia is not involved in the middle, and that is another ball. She is a lifelong friend who I have never had anything but gratitude for with work, and I am a very good friend of Pablo Goycoechea, who is the husband, who I do not have, but has nothing to do with anything.

The Turkish Naim and Emilia Attias confirmed their separation

Emilia Attias and El Turco Naim They confirmed their breakup after 20 years of relationship after rumors that circulated in the media. Although there was talk of alleged infidelity on both sides, the ex-couple has decided to deny these versions.

In this way, they shared a statement that was re-uploaded by the journalist Pampito in your account x (ex Twitter) where they announced: “Given the publicly known statements regarding our relationship, we want to communicate that, with deep pain, we are going through a separation by mutual agreement”.

Likewise, they assured that “there are no third parties involved”after what Yanina Latorre established that the actress had had an affair with Nicolás Francella and the comedian with Florencia de la V. “So we appreciate not mentioning names that have nothing to do with the reasons for this situation, and that could harm both their personal lives and ours,” they requested.

Official statement on the separation of Emilia Attias and El Turco Naim
Official statement on the separation of Emilia Attias and El Turco Naim

“We have a harmonious relationship, a daughter in common, a lot of love and respect for each other. Only we know the truth of what we went through, and we have decided to keep it private. We are still family, and we are very solid in that“, they talked about the bond they formed by having Gina together.

Finally, Emilia Attias and El Turco Naim sentenced: ““We ask please for respect in the treatment of this information, since it is a very painful and intimate moment and there is a minor in the middle, which today is our absolute priority.”.

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