The real reason for the Fury crossover from Big Brother and The Torah

The real reason for the Fury crossover from Big Brother and The Torah

The real reason for the Fury crossover from Big Brother and The Torah

Fury would have confronted La Torah in the Telefe dressing rooms waiting for his appearance at the gala Big Brother. Yes ok The little sister had denied having a fight with the former participantthe latter did not do the same.

The person in charge of recounting the events was Federico Bongiorno in The Army of the Morning (Bondi) where he explained the root of the athlete’s annoyance towards the driver of Out of Joda (DGO). Then he said: “Furia begins to tell La Tora that she could not go out on the streetwhich had a lot of people, who thought it was crazy and who were very happy. And The Torah tells him, ‘Do you want to know what really helped me? Go to the psychologistbeyond everything to continue with attention and to give me a hand’, and that was what didn’t sit well with Fury because she interpreted that I was belittling her, you know how it is when they tell you ‘go to the psychologist’ but they call you crazy“.

“And, out of nowhere, he starts attacking her and telling her that… what is the situation? Apparently Furia has a blacklist of 40 people that her sister gave her about all the people who spoke badly about her.Of course on this list is Ángel de Brito, LAM, Georgina Barbarossa, Diego Poggi and La Tora,” he said regarding Coy Scaglione.

For that reason, “She starts to tell him ‘I’m not going to go to your show, I’m not going to go with Poggi either’ because you said this about me. And there La Tora, according to what three different sources who were present in this conflict tell me, took it very calmly, explained how things were, told him ‘well, do what you want. He turned against him, he was not afraid of the situation, far from it. Furthermore, what they tell me is that Furia was not invited to the La Tora program, to the live stream that broadcasts the program, why was she not invited? Since Furia is going to the live program every day because she performs, she is not invited to the stream because she is at the same time“.

It should also be remembered that, according to Diego Poggi previously, the day he found Furia in the hallwaysI would have insulted him: “Today I met Furia for the first time in the hallway. I didn’t know her. She was five feet tall, a cork. She bitched at me, she found out that I uncorked a champagne when she left. ‘Are you envious? Son of a bitch…’​

Pepe Ochoa’s defense against “Los Furiosos”

Pepe Ochoa had been in charge of counting THE M (America) that Furia and La Tora almost went to hell while they were putting on makeup after the little sister found out about some statements that the former participant made against her while she was inside Big Brother (Telefe).

For this reason, after his colleague revealed the events, he began his defense against those who had called him a liar: “Coy, you talk about blacklists in a country where there were blacklists where people here censored them. It seems to me that all this is taking a horrible, dark tone. I think you need to start calming down. It seems to me that you have to start being calmer.”

He even made mea culpa: “Surely I am on this blacklist, nothing that matters to me less, but talking about blacklists and starting to censor people seems to me to speak about you as a person.“It seems to me that you have no memory, it seems to me that all the decisions you are making are wrong.”

Finally, the driver The morning army (Bondi) stated: “I really love that you begin to see the type of person you are. macabre, sinister, you are Machiavellian and that the only thing that matters to you is the money that your sister is going to make you. Because talking about blacklists in this country is not a joke. And I may be exaggerating, but this country had a very bad time. So Coy, you’re going to hell. I learned to brake.”


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