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The reason why El Chino Darín separated from Calu Rivero was known: “There are things that come to an end”


The relationship between Calu Rivero and El Chino Darín began in the recordings of Someone who loves me” 2010 (El Trece), and as a result of that series, love was born. For 8 months, admiration and love between them was the order of the day and suddenly they separated, but the true reasons were never known.

However, recently the true reasons why the couple did not continue were known. It should be noted that the couple was not official until 2013, that is, that year they became engaged, and after 8 months they dissolved the couple.

Calu RIvero and El Chino Darín
Calu RIvero and El Chino Darín

According to sources close to Riveroshe would have stated: “We love each other a lot, everything is fine. But hey, there are things that come to an end. But everything is perfect, the truth is that we love each other a lot.”

For its part, what happened would have been sudden, and it greatly surprised the fans who supported the couple from the beginning. Without a doubt, today and according to close sources, the admiration and respect still exists.

Finally, Calu Rivero She moved on with her life and is currently Tao’s mother, and El Chino Darín He is very in love with Úrsula Corberó with whom he shares that love on his social networks daily.

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