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The release date of Nahir Galarza’s film was announced


Valentina Zenere will be the actress in charge of starring in Nahir Galarza’s film which already has a release date on the streaming platform.

The young woman from Gualeguaychú, Province of Entre Ríos, who was sentenced to life imprisonment After murdering his partner Fernando Gabriel Pastorizzo, he will have representation through a film created by Amazon Prime.

Today it was announced that can be seen from May 22 under the motto: “Learn the truth behind the story of nahir.

From the platform, they promoted the film based on real events with the comment: “Many secrets were kept that night”.

Nahir Galarza’s reaction to the announcement of the film

Recently, the film was announced that will address the life of Nahir Galarza, moments from his childhood and adolescence until reaching the murder for which he is imprisoned. Now, she gave details about the same.

The 24-year-old girl is sentenced to life in prison for aggravated homicide because she murdered Fernando Pastorizzo, who was his partner. In addition to the confirmation of the film that was announced a few days ago, it also You can see the first images of the audiovisual work and who is the actress who will play her. nahir He spoke with Infobae and provided details about the filming.

“I’m looking forward to seeing it. I would like to see the images, but they won’t let me. I didn’t see anything because here in the prison they don’t allow cell phones. Just radio, but I’d love to see it. How did it go? I love Valentina as an actress. “I have been following her in many of her roles,” confessed Nahir, regarding the fact that she learned that the actress will play her Valentina Zenere.

Besides, Galarza He specified the condition he set when they approached his character: “I have no problem with other characters speaking badly about me or accusing me, but if I want the words that the fictional Nahir says to be like mine, I want to feel represented.”

She also stressed that she sees the film as an opportunity to go in search of the truth, since according to her, she did not kill Fernando. “Becoming famous for what happened is not nice. “I want the truth to be known, that I did not kill Fernando.”he added.


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