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The renowned actor with whom Carmen Barbieri fell in love when she saw him in his play


Carmen Barbieri She is currently single and looking for the great love of her life. In this context, the host went to see a play and revealed that she fell in love with the protagonist.

As told in very morning (The thirteen), “is The Puma Goity that I love it. I was in Cyrano and I fell in love with it. “I love you, I have to tell you the truth.”

In this way, he proceeded to list a series of characteristics that he likes about the actor: “He seems like a wonderful guy, seductive, good-looking, and seeing him work as an actor makes my head spin. He is the love of my life and I could never be there, I never even had a coffee. I fell in love“.

Finally, Carmen Barbieri assured that she does not know the sentimental status of El Puma Goity, so she cut short: “What an actor you are. If you have a girlfriend, if you have a lover or have a wife, I apologize. I don’t go out with committed men, “But how I like you.”

Carmen Barbieri on current events in the country

Carmen Barbieri, driver of Mañanísima (El Trece), spoke about the criticism that was made of Guillermo Francella after supporting the management of Javier Milei. For their part, actors like Esteban Lamothe, Erica Rivas, María Valenzuela, among others, they harshly criticized him.

“I am uncertain about seeing when the drinking ends and seeing when we start to enjoy these measures more. They were more than necessary, it was known that there was going to be a major surgery, they said it in the campaign and they strictly complied with it.”were the words of the actor.

During the coverage of the Platino Awards, and in the context of an interview with Joaquín Furriel, they asked him about the topic of politics: “I have my opinion and I respect Guillermo’s opinion, it is his way of evaluating at this moment.”

It was at that moment that Barbieri He launched: “He is a great worker, a great actor, he is a star and he has the right to give his opinion and speak freely, but he is not against our culture.” And I add: “His colleagues gave him a lot and very hard. And you know what? I don’t like that at all. It seems to me that it disjoins. “I don’t like anything they give to Francella.”

“I am not against the people who spoke against him or who are against Francella’s opinion. “I’m not against anyone, I’m giving my opinion and I’m saying that it’s unfair that they give Francella,” he clarified.

Finally, Carmen Barbieri hill: ““He is a man who could have left Argentina and who could live in Spain earning fortunes being a star.”


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