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The search for those killed in the landslide disaster in Papua New Guinea is halted


People search for missing people in the landslide area of ​​Papua New Guinea after the catastrophic landslide in late May, in which more than 2,000 people are believed to have died. The search for the dead is now halted for security reasons. Photo: Juho Valta / UNDP Papua New Guinea via AP / NTB

Of NTB | 06/05/2024 04:53:02

Accidents and natural disasters: – All work to search for the dead has been stopped due to the risk of further landslides, says Major Joe Aku in the country’s military to AFP.

– Excavation is out of the question at this stage, he says further.

Earlier this week, AFP was given access to an internal report from the country’s authorities in which it was established that the avalanche-hit area must be evacuated as soon as possible. The reason is the risk of new cases.

There is a high probability of new landslides in the area of ​​Papua New Guinea where a catastrophic landslide is believed to have claimed more than 2,000 human lives in May.

– This area must be declared a “no-go zone”, says the report. A number of hazards are indicated, including new landslides, boulders that can fall down, and underground currents.

There is a “high probability that new landslides may occur in the immediate future”, and access to the area should be reserved for experts, the report states.

Search crews have given up on finding survivors in the 600-metre-long landslide area, which is filled with mud, boulders and rubble following the May 24 Mount Mungalo landslide.

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