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The Security Council supports the resolution on a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip


The UN Security Council, here from a meeting on 29 May. Photo: Seth Wenig / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 10.06.2024 22:02:58

War and conflicts: The other 14 members of the UN Security Council agreed to the proposal.

The US proposal calls for an immediate ceasefire between Israeli forces and Hamas, as well as the release of hostages. The US finalized work on the text on Sunday, after six days of negotiations with the member states of the council.

US President Joe Biden presented a three-phase ceasefire plan on 31 May. Biden then referred to the proposal as an Israeli initiative. However, some of the member states of the Security Council questioned whether Israel had actually accepted the plan to stop the hostilities in the Gaza Strip.

In the resolution approved on Monday, the proposal is welcomed. It says in the text that Israel has accepted it and that Hamas is encouraged to accept it. Both parties are further encouraged to “fully implement the conditions without hesitation and conditions”.

– We are waiting for Hamas to agree to the ceasefire agreement they claim they want, said US UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield ahead of the vote.

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