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The son of Alejandro Fantino and Coni Mosqueira was discharged after being in neonatology: “Long nights of anguish, guilt and crying”


The son of Alejandro Fantino and Coni Mosqueira, Beltrán, He was discharged after several days in neonatology.

The model shared a heartfelt post online and wrote: “Everything is going to be fine. The sign I saw every time I came in and left to see my chick. And one day, the three of us went home together. After 19 long days, after entering the clinic with a belly and leaving with empty arms, long nights of anguish, guilt and crying for leaving your treasure every night.“.

“Although we knew that I was in the best hands. Because that’s how it was, the love with which all the nurses work, taking care of them as if they were their children, the doctors, the pueris, and the entire neo containment team. They supported us, they taught us, they took care of us. and accompanied our baby every second so that today he is ready to start this path together,” he thanked Coni Mosqueira on Instagram along with a tender video of her baby.

Nobody prepares you for this, for this unknown world (or at least for me) of the neo, to connect with your baby through an incubator, with a thousand cables, screens and sounds. To go to the room after giving birth and not have your baby in your arms. To be discharged, and not to be able to carry him in your arms. To return to your house, with everything prepared for his arrival, but without him,” he described.

“And so long nights. And long days sitting accompanying him, good days, bad days. Days of good news, and some not so much. Of advances, setbacks, of tears, anguish and joys. Celebrating every little step that advanced. Beltru of my soul , You came to teach us love, patience, faith, and not to give up. Our beautiful little warrior, who banked everything“, he added.

Why Alejandro Fantino’s son was in neonatology

The driver gave a note to Intruders (America TV) days ago and spoke about the special moment he is going through after the birth of his son with Coni Mosqueira.

“I don’t know if the word is content. It’s fascination, madness, pleasure and love. Ideas that collapse, that you thought were built on strong foundations, and when a baby like that comes along it makes you see life in a different way,” he posed.

“Now he is in neonatology, and God willing he will leave in a few days. He was born in week 35, weighing less than 2 kilos, which forced him to spend a few days in neo. It’s good to tell this because one is never prepared like dad and it is much more common than one thinks for your baby to go to neonatology,” he added.

“It is a lesson to be neo. It is to tell future parents to be calm, calm. Neo is precisely for this, so that your baby comes out the way it should. To go Neo you need to pass a certain mileage and have a developed sucking reflex. This made me connect strongly with the miraculous nature of life and an energy called God, which everyone gives whatever name they want,” he concluded. Alejandro Fantino.

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