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The Storting majority says no to banning abuse material against animals


Agriculture Minister Geir Pollestad (Sp) will wait for a more thorough assessment before taking a position on the question of whether the sharing of animal abuse material should be banned. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Of NTB | 15.05.2024 13:00:18

Curiosities and celebrities: – This should have been the easiest proposal in the world to support. Instead, the Labor Party, the Center Party and the Conservative Party are sitting on the back foot and will not close this hole in the legislation, says SV’s Andreas Sjalg Unneland to NTB.

It is he who has put forward the proposal in the Storting together with party colleagues.

The background is a series of articles in Nidaros about Norwegians who share abuse videos online. The Animal Protection Alliance has collected 30,000 signatures to get a ban.

– I think it is completely incomprehensible that the government says no to this. And that the Conservative Party joins them in order to delay such a process, I simply do not understand that, says Unneland.

The majority indicates that the government is working on a report to the Storting in which the issue will be thoroughly reviewed.

– The majority believe that it is natural to take up this proposal in a broader professional context, they write in their note.

Unneland does not understand why it should be necessary.

– I cannot see what the arguments should be against it being a criminal offense to possess and share images of animal abuse. I find it simply incomprehensible that the government needs time to think about this, he says.

– We know that is harmful to animals. We also know that some who commit abuse against people first start by doing it against animals. Cracking down on this is quite important both to protect animals, but also people, he says.

In connection with the parliamentary proceedings, Agriculture Minister Geir Pollestad (Sp) sent a letter in which he explained the government’s position on the matter. There he warns that the topic will be thoroughly assessed in the work on the new report to the Storting.

SV, Frp and Venstre warn that they will vote for a ban, while a majority consisting of Ap, Sp and Høyre say no.

Unneland points out that the lack of a ban can contribute to more abuse of animals.

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