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The Swedish Trade Council postponed the processing of egg deliveries


The Norwegian Trade Council was not allowed to deal with the case regarding Nortura’s deliveries of eggs to shops on Wednesday. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB

Of NTB | 22.05.2024 18:09:31

Economy and business: The Ministry of Agriculture and Food (LMD) believed there was “reasonable doubt” about whether Nortura follows the rules. They asked the Trade Council to make a decision on Nortura’s practice in the distribution of eggs to the consumer market. write The nation.

It was supposed to happen on Wednesday, but the matter was postponed. The case papers had been sent out shortly before the last long weekend, and the council members believed they had been given too little time to prepare.

Through the Prior brand, Nortura is by far the largest player on the market for eggs – and is also a market regulator with an obligation to supply other players on equal terms.

The council will meet again next Monday. Then Nortura’s handling of eggs is the only item on the agenda.

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