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The top holiday destination where certain clothes can get you kicked out of a restaurant

HOLIDAYMAKERS have been warned about wearing certain items of clothing in restaurants in a popular foreign destination.

Not every establishment has really strict rules, but apparently in one European country, overly casual clothing is mostly considered unacceptable.

Wearing jeans and trainers can get you into trouble in some restaurants in France


Wearing jeans and trainers can get you into trouble in some restaurants in FranceCredit: Alamy

Sampling the local cuisine is one of the best parts of a trip away, but learning the social rules and customs before you travel is always important.

That’s why Lonely Planet have explained what you should and shouldn’t do when going for a meal when on holiday in France.

They claim that certain items of clothing should never be worn in restaurants, including trainers and jeans.

They also revealed strict rules around swimwear in public and in swimming pools, with men required to wear tight trunks over swimming shorts.

They said: “France is a stylish place, but so long as you’re wearing smart, casual clothes in mid-range restaurants and up (no jeans or sneakers), you should be fine.

“Swimwear is strictly for the beach or pool. At public pools, men are required to wear tight-fitting Speedo-style trunks. “

There are also etiquette rules that can get you in trouble while having a meal in France.

Tipping and asking the chef to modify your meal could cause problems.

They continued: “Tipping isn’t part of French culture – the service charge is included, though diners usually leave a few extra euros. Asking a waiter’s advice on the menu is appreciated. Requesting swap-out ingredients or items in the kitchen’s meticulously crafted dishes, however, is not.”

Wearing certain clothes can’t just get you into trouble in France either.

In Barcelona, people can only wear bikinis on the beach, and holidaymakers caught wearing one in the town centre could face a fine of up to £260.

Similarly, bikinis are limited to the beaches in Majorca, with fines of up to £500 for those caught flouting the rules.

Elsewhere, the mayor of Sorrento in Italy said that wearing swimwear in public, as well as being topless, was part of ‘widespread indecorous behaviour’.

Anyone caught flouting their rules could be fined as much as £425.

Meanwhile, a number of beaches in Italy are charging tourists to sunbathe.

And these other laws could see you fined while on holiday in Spain.

Holidaymakers should also never ask the chefs to change any ingredients


Holidaymakers should also never ask the chefs to change any ingredientsCredit: Alamy

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