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The tough fight between Nancy Pazos and Nequi Galotti never seen before


Nancy Pazos was one of the panelists who passed by THE M (America) in one of the nine seasons that the program aired. However, is the only one with whom Ángel de Brito could not work again since it is characterized by being conflictive in its work environments.

As an example of this characteristic that the journalist placed on it, the account of The LAM Army He showed an old fight between the little angel and Nequi Galotti.

This crossover had begun after the journalist tagged the former model in a tweet. This generated discomfort and they confronted each other outside the room, where Nequi gave him a bit of his own medicine: “You have dedicated yourself to destroying work production. You mistreated us all, you mistreat people, you are destructive, you destroy us all. You seek to destroy people, you mistreat the costume designer, you mistreat everyone.“.

However, Pazos did not agree with his descriptions: “I am not a bad person and you know it,” but Galotti insisted: “Don’t you realize that you are an abuser? Or are you a bad person? “You mistreat.”

Why Nancy Pazos left LAM

Angel de Brito aimed against Nancy Pazos after the panelist spoke about her departure from THE M, accusing the host that it was one of the reasons why he decided not to continue on the program.

Through your account xthe journalist cited the note from Exitoin where Nancy filled him with criticism and Angel he liquidated her: “Nancy mythomaniac: you were there for 20 months, your #LAM colleagues ALL hated you. That’s why we took you out”.

Ángel de Brito against Nancy Pazos
Ángel de Brito against Nancy Pazos

“And the same thing happens to you today on Telefe, 9 years later. You are the little problem”expressed Angel. Notably, Nancy had several conflicts in To the Barbarossa (Telefe) in recent times, mainly with Analía Franchín at the end of 2023 and very recently with Noe Antonelli.


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