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The trade union and the Nature Conservancy ask the MDG to keep the wealth tax


Leader of the Trade Union Mette Nord is concerned that the MDG will advocate removing or reducing wealth tax. Photo: Rodrigo Freitas / NTB

Of NTB | 05/03/2024 03:07:48

Policy: Whether the Green Party (MDG) becomes a party that wants to remove or reduce wealth tax must be decided at the party’s national meeting. The delegates will then vote on the program committee’s proposal to “reduce wealth tax with the aim of preserving Norwegian ownership”.

Now Fagforbundet and Naturvernforbundet have joined forces to warn the MDG against removing wealth tax, Klassekampen writes.

They are concerned that removing or reducing the property tax will mean that the municipalities lose important income, which is used for welfare services, infrastructure and the development of local communities.

– We are concerned that a tax that is levied on society’s richest is being removed and the bill is being sent to ordinary wage earners, says Mette Nord, head of the Trade Union.

In the proposal from the program committee, it is stated that the relief from reducing wealth tax is to be financed by increasing other taxes: corporation tax, inheritance tax and property tax.

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