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The UiO board rejected the boycott proposal


Several students, academics and staff at the university protested at the professor’s residence in central Oslo on Tuesday, where UiO’s university board discussed an academic boycott of Israel. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Of NTB | 14.05.2024 15:50:53

Education: It became clear during Tuesday’s meeting of UiO’s university board, writes University.

On the other hand, the board decided that the matter of academic boycott should go from being a matter of discussion to a matter of decision. The majority was against UiO refraining from entering into new institutional collaborations with Israeli universities.

Five supported the proposal for an academic boycott, while seven voted for the university management’s proposal.

The management’s proposal was not to introduce an academic boycott, based on the university’s own guidelines. It says that UiO does not support the use of an academic boycott as a means of action.

According to the students, UiO has collaboration agreements with four Israeli institutions through the Horizon Europe research programme. However, UiO tells Universitas that it has no overarching, bilateral cooperation agreements with Israeli universities.

On Wednesday, demonstrations have been announced at NTNU in Trondheim both before and after the board meeting at the university.

The students demand, among other things, that NTNU freezes its cooperation with the Kongsberg group and that NTNU should not enter into academic cooperation with Israeli institutions, write University newspaper.

according to NRK NTNU’s acting rector Tor Grande has promised the protesters that the demands will be discussed during Wednesday’s meeting, and that it will be up to the board what it wants to do.

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