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The video of the terrible accident that Featherweight suffered in the middle of the show


Featherweight suffered a terrible accident in the middle of the show USA and it was confirmed that he has a fracture.

What happened to Featherweight

The singer was jumping on stage during his concert in New York at The Governors Ball festival when he stepped wrong and twisted his foot.

At that moment he screamed in pain, but continued with his show as if nothing had happened. In a video broadcast on X by the user @Nahuelista_01, you can see him Featherweight continue with the presentation, but without being able to put his foot down properly.

After the concern, the interpreter communicated with his fans through Instagram and confirmed that he has a fracture.

Fractured Featherweight

Featherweight He was photographed from a hospital bed, but he brought peace of mind to his followers by appearing in good spirits. So far, the artist has not clarified whether he will be put in a cast or immobilized with a splint, but he will surely have to rest for several days.

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