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The viral video of Antonia, the daughter of Mauricio Macri and Juliana Awada, which revolutionized the network


Antonia Macrithe daughter of Mauricio Macri and Juliana Awadabecame talked about following a video where he participated in a viral challenge among teenagers.

The 12-year-old girl attends the Liceo Franco-Argentino Jean Mermoz school, she is in the 1st year of secondary school and was encouraged to show herself in a challenge along with his companions.

How is Antonia Macri today?

On TikTok they shared a video of different students playing a viral challenge that consists of asking each other who is the prettiest in the institution, and whoever is named decides if there is matches or not.

In this opportunity, Antonia Macri He accepted the challenge and when they asked him who was the cutest guy in school, he responded “Joaquin“. The interviewer went in search of the boy, asked him if there was matches and he answered yes.

Beyond the fact that in the video the preteens made it clear that they attracted each other, what most caught the attention of Internet users on the Internet was how much the former president’s daughter grew.

So much so that they left comments and memes like: “Guys, this can’t be Antonia Macri. How old are we, for God’s sake”, “It doesn’t modulate, we can confirm that it is the daughter”, “The kid already has a head of cabinet secured and the entire family investigated”, “How old we are”, “He doesn’t know how to speak, like the father. Someone take her to a speech therapist”, “Joaquín’s lines were punctured by themselves”, “But until yesterday she was five years old Antonia”.

Antonia Macri

The 12-year-old girl also surprised in 2023 by debuting as a model for a clothing brand, where she did a casting and was selected. At that time she posed very tenderly with modern clothes and stole everyone’s attention.

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