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The Voice: Zazie in tears facing a candidate with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome

Indeed, this March 18 was an opportunity for Esmée, 21, to introduce herself to the general public. The young woman, suffering from Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, did not have an easy life. “I hid this for ten years because of my illness. When I was 7 years old, I was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome. It’s at my eye level. I have muscle contractions in my back, my stomach too… Sometimes I make little noises. People think I’m laughing or coughing. I didn’t have too much confidence in myself.”

“I found myself more or less alone.” she explains, “I had a long work of acceptance of myself. Singing is still in the process of confidence.”

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For her blind audition, she chose a particularly moving song: “Don’t judge me”, by Camille Lellouche. Hearing it, Zazie turns around, stunned. She then allows herself a remark with marked politeness: “Maybe it’s immodest but I noticed, that, I noticed a check on something nervous that didn’t come through at all, at all, at all, at all, when you were singing…”. Faced with this question, young Esme explained her illness but also the fact that her symptoms disappear when she sings.

Zazie, moved to tears, did not wait another second: “You’re on my team, you have no choice”. She specifies that it is not because of this disease that she returned. “By definition, we do not see. It’s because you sing very well, this song was very moving”.

This performance therefore ended with an embrace between Zazie and Esmée which moved the audience.

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