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The Walloon executive will ban TikTok on the professional devices of its staff

“I am extremely attentive to the issue of cyber-security. Through this measure, I wish to guarantee the security of the Region’s sensitive data and to be in line with the decisions of the European Commission and Parliament”, continued Elio Di Rupo.

Has TikTok become our worst enemy?

On the other hand, “if you should not download this application on computers which contain Walloon internal information, you should stay on TikTok. There are more than 4 million Belgians who get information via social networks where conspirators and the extreme right are extremely present. If we don’t thwart their fake news, who will do it?”, he wondered in particular.

An argument that did not convince Jean-Luc Crucke. “Fighting fake news today is fighting TikTok and not staying on this network,” said the latter.

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