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Thelma Fardin spoke after the conviction of Juan Darthés for abuse: “I am very mobilized”


Thelma Fardin spoke after the conviction of Juan Darthés for abuse and she seemed very mobilized by the fight that she has been waging for several years.

“Thank you all for being here. It is a day with many emotions, I am very mobilized. Thank you to all the people who dared to speak after that press conference where I made my complaint. That enormous movement allowed us to be here today, despite all the obstacles that have been put in the wheel,” said the actress in a press conference from Amnesty International Argentina, accompanied by Carla Andrade Junqueirahis lawyer in Brazil, and his lawyer in Argentina, Martin Arias Duval.

“I was almost unprepared for this scenario because I had lost hope and faith in Justice. Even though my case had justice today, it is not the reality of most cases,” he continued.

“That’s why This sentence must be a message of hope for all people who are still suffering some type of abuse. It has to be a hope so that even if they think it is very difficult because the person they have to denounce is very powerful, who has many tools, there is a possibility of reparation in Justice. Also There is a possibility of reparation from society, which is what we have to continue building from empathy.“he continued Thelma Fardin.

“Thanks to the enormous women’s movement, I was able to speak, that movement that today is being so reviled. Thanks to those enormous networks that were woven, I was able to get out of the immense pain that the violence I suffered had caused me. Today I feel that All the enormous effort was worth it,” he highlighted.

On the other hand, the actress referred to the criticism she received on social networks for her complaint: “I received a lot of attacks, they said I did it for fame. I don’t know who would think that someone would like to be famous for the most painful event in her life. But if my name helped to encourage other people to speak up, I made myself available. “They said that I stole, that I had an agreement and made a profit, and I was the victim of countless attacks.”

Why Juan Dathés was sentenced to prison

Juan Darthés was sentenced this Monday to six years in prison in Brazil for the abuse against Thelma Fardin.

The Brazilian Justice found Juan Darthés guilty of rape. It is the revocation of the first instance ruling that had acquitted him. At 5 p.m. there will be a press conference by Thelma from Amnesty. She is very happy,” Franco Torchia reported on DDM (América TV).

Carla Junqueiralawyer of Thelma Fardintalked with Teleshow and explained what Darthés’ sentence will be like: “He must comply with it in an open regime, that is, he can leave the prison during the day“.

“The Brazilian justice system declared the actor’s guilt in the rape trial against Thelma Fardín. The judges sent a clear message of justice. Firm step in the fight for the rights of victims of sexual and gender violence,” Amnesty expressed Argentina International on the network.

It should be remembered that Thelma denounced Juan in 2018 and stated that she was abused by him years ago on a tour of the soap opera Patito Feo, when she was a minor. The trial began in 2021 in Brazil and in 2023, the Justice of that country had acquitted the actor; However, now the ruling has been overturned and he will go to prison.

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