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Theo, Gabriela Sobrado’s son, was born: the first photo that the host shared


Gabriela Sobrado She became a mother after a long struggle, and shared the first photo with her baby online.

The driver of MShow (City Magazine) This Sunday afternoon she posted a tender postcard on Instagram showing her hand next to her baby’s and wrote: “Welcome Theo“.

Gabriela Sobrado mom

How was Gabriela Sobrado’s pregnancy?

“I wanted to tell you in a very special way that after 2 and a half years of doing different treatments I am almost 4 months pregnant with my ex-boyfriend, he lives in the United States”the host began by saying at the end of 2023.

“It was a very, very big wish, the process was very hard, a long time… and I am very happy, I wanted to share it with you and be able to show my belly, how it is growing day by day”he continued.

Later, she opened her blazer, showed her almost 4-month pregnant belly, and showed her happiness while finishing the program.

Finally, he thanked the people who were by his side during this special moment: “Thank you very much to everyone who was empathetic without knowing it. To Coco Fernández for keeping this very special secret… Nico Sánchez Barros, Eliana Suazo, our producer, and to everyone who was accompanying me in these very special times. It is very important to have empathy”.

One week before giving birth, Gabriela Sobrado spoke with the ownerl City Magazine and revealed details about her struggle to become a mother: “I spent two and a half years with treatments. I know that for some it is not long, but for me it was very hard. I went through three different clinics, many doctors. And the truth is I think that all “These treatments should be accompanied by psychological support because there is a lot that the body and mind endure.”

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