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They cancel the new season of ‘Your face sounds familiar to me’ on Telefe and announced the reasons: “There is no money”


marley I had everything ready to return to the screen Telefe in 2024, but in recent days, the channel authorities decided to cancel the new season of Your face is familiar to me.

According to @teleavisador through his X accountthe entertainment series was canceled and expressed the reasons in three words: “There’s no money”.

They Cancel Your Face Sounds Like Me on Telefe
They Cancel Your Cara Me Suena on Telefe. (Capture: X)

Fernanda Iglesias was the one who revealed at the end of 2023 that the program would begin recording in February. However, this option was no longer in effect in a matter of months.

Why won’t Marley host the 2024 Martín Fierro Awards?

Little by little, marley was losing its leading place in Telefe following the complaint of abuse against him in the middle of last year and, apparently, this, added to other issues, also had an impact on him not being the driver of the Martín Fierro Awards 2024.

Marina Calabro gave the information on the air Lanata without Filter (Radio Miter) and said that the driver is angry with the channel for taking away his prominence. “Marley is furious with Telefe. This started with the April spot. There is a historical order of stardom on the channel, which is: first Susana Giménez, second Marley and third Santiago del Moro”he said.

And he detailed: “But for the first time it was reversed and it started to be Susana, Del Moro, Marley for the opening, and for the closing Marley, Del Moro, Susana. It seems that here Marley’s anger started. He picked up the phone and started complaining because he “they are postponing.”

At the same time, Marina Calabro exclusively revealed that Mirko’s father was displaced by the Big Brother host to host the Martín Fierro Awards 2024: “The channel called Santiago del Moro for the conduct of Martín Fierro of open TV. Poor Marley, the dream of his life is Martín Fierro…“.

Marley and Santiago del Moro
Marley and Santiago del Moro. (Capture: Networks)

“Yesterday I spoke with a decision-maker from Telefe and he told me: ‘Today in the afternoon we have the meeting with Santi, where we are going to formally propose the idea of ​​him doing Martín Fierro again. Last year he did it very well, they were all positive reviews and the rating accompanied'”, sumo.

“So Marley, once again displaced from Telefe due to ratings, professional solvency and commercial banking, which is very important on television,” concluded the journalist.

It should be remembered that in 2023, Del Moro He was hosting the event because his colleague was in Colombia recording a reality show and the channel decided not to let him return.

When are the Martín Fierro 2024

The Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (APTRA), whose president is Luis Venturarecently announced that the Martin Fierro 2024 to open TV will be on Sunday, June 2 at the Pacific Room of the Hilton Hotel. The transmission will be carried out by Telefe and it still remains to be defined who will do the driving.

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