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They claim that Furia’s time in Big Brother is numbered and the reason was revealed: “He is ruining us”


Juliana Furia Scaglione generated a new scandal in the house of Big Brother (Telefe) after insult some participants, and the production had to ask him to calm down to avoid more conflicts. However, now they assure that he would leave next Sunday.

In Afternoon Busybodies (Net TV), Carlos Monti revealed that “There were meetings and phone calls between the members of the Paramount board and the people who make decisions at the top of Telefe” because “they no longer want Furia” within reality.

“They no longer want that pathetic show of Fury shouting insults and saying atrocities. And I’ll tell you something: a member of the board said ‘This is the family channel and we are going to respect the history of the channel. This woman is ruining'”he detailed Monti.

Big Brother Fury
Big Brother Fury. (Capture: Telefe)

Then, taking into account that Juliana He was 2.1% away from going one-on-one with Florence Regidorthe driver clarified: “There is a lot of people who can’t stand it anymore.”

Finally, Eugenia Schlatter gave his opinion and expressed what he thinks about the production about the attitudes of Rage in Big Brother (Telefe): “There are some managers who feel disappointed or disappointed if it is true that they had hidden information that Furia entered the house perhaps sick or with some mental pathology.”

What did the Big Brother production say to Fury?

Juliana Furia Scaglione once again received a call for attention from the production of Big Brother (Telefe) after his insults to the former participants when they entered the house to nominateand this decision calls into question his continuity in the reality show.

Although the authorities chose to begin financially sanctioning participants who break the rules so as not to expel them in the final stretch, fans repudiated their statements and many demand that it should be eliminated by a public vote.

In the last few hours, a video went viral on the networks where the participant revealed in the room of the house that the production made a strong request of her, although she seems to not agree with the decision.

“They are asking me a lot, not to say bad words,” told him Juliana to Nicolas Grosman and Emmanuel Vich. There, the member of The Bros asked him: “Did they tell you that back?”

This way, Nicholas confirmed that it is not the first time that Rage She was called by production to the confessional.

When talking about the subject, the cameras DIRECTV Go They changed the sequence and censored the conversation so that viewers would not see it.

Besides, Juliana took the opportunity to make fun of the production when he encountered Darío Martínez Corti and Virginia Demo in the patio of the house. At that moment, she stood in front of the player and said: “How are you doing, Great Father? Is everything okay? How are you? Now I have to talk like this, you see. How are you?”

Finally, Dario He took the reaction with humor Rage and it was forceful with laughter: “This is going to be difficult, huh.” Quickly, they cut the transmission for the second consecutive time where the participant once again exposed the production of Big Brother (Telefe).

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