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They named a metro station in Madrid Duki


Duki will make history next June 8 when he appears at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, belonging to the Real Madrid Football Club. In this context, they surprised the change the name of a Metro station to put the singer’s name on it.

The Argentine is very loved around the world and, for that reason, they decided to temporarily replace the name of the acclaimed footballer with that of “Duko Station”. Likewise, the poster is decorated with the wings that the ragpicker has tattooed on his face.

This was announced by the producer Play Music on their Instagram account, where they showed a video of the exact moment they made this change: “Duko arrives in Madrid and is welcomed as the boss”.

In this way, not only will 85 thousand people be aware of Mauro Lombardo’s visit, but all Real Madrid fans are paying tribute to the ragpicker.

Is Duki a legend of Argentine trap?

Duki went viral in the last few hours after stating that he is considered a legend of Argentine trap. The statement came after a question from Alfredo Montes de Oca on his program stop your hand (Vorterix).

In response to the query: “Do you already consider yourself a legend of Argentine trap?“, Mauro Lombardo responded firmly: “Trap, obviously“. Then he began to explain: “I have no doubt and I disagree with everyone. Before I made a trap song there were few people who were doing it, but it was not viable.“.

He also remembered when “of the ragpickers and the rappers, people laughed their asses off“. In this way, he said that “we grabbed that which did not exist, we put it on our backs and carried it to death“, Referring to Devil Mode along with Ysy A and Neo Pistea.

Finally, Duki concluded: “I’ve been doing this 24 hours a day for seven years and every time I can I give a hand to an artist.“.


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