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They released a strong video of Tyago Griffo, the son of Bomba Tucumana, attacking his ex-girlfriend


Tyago Griffothe son of the Tucumán Bombwas recorded by a security camera attacking his ex-girlfriend, Azul, and the video was broadcast in the media.

What happened to Tyago Griffo

In LAM (America TV) They shared the material and Pepe Ochoa went into detail: “She is Azul López, his ex-girlfriend, and Thiago is seen violating her. This video has been circulating for some time in Córdoba, on some gossip portals. “It comes to us and we decided to put it because it was already public.”

They had a relationship of nine years, which started well, but then it began to have dark overtones from him towards her. Tyago was very jealous, possessive. She was a model in Córdoba, she was very well known, and he wanted to start making her invisible so that she would not continue with her career,” he explained.

And he added: “They cut when he enters the Dancing, because he is unfaithful with Rocío Robles. Then he started a second stage where everything got much worse. When Tyago breaks up with Rocío, he became so intense to get back with Azul, and they had an episode in 2017: They met in a bowling alley and he grabbed her by the neck, and she decided to report him. She did not ratify the complaint because Tyago, her father, and the Bomba had threatened her.“.

In turn, Roberto Castillo, lawyer for Tyago Griffoexplained about the situation: “It is complex, there is no criminal accusation, it is a video that was revealed, it was leaked in a malicious manner. I do not know the veracity of the video and that it is Tyago. The violence is reprehensible, but legally I need to prove that be it, I couldn’t talk to him to give me his defense.

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