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They reveal that Ahreum, former member of T-ARA, and her mother were accused of child abuse


Dispatch revealed that Ahreumformer member of the K-Pop group T-ARA, and her mother were accused of child abuse.

What happened to T-ARA’s Ahreum

On June 3, Dispatch -the most feared South Korean media- revealed that the accusations that Ahreum had abused their son were referred to the prosecutor’s office. Gwangmyeong police station, Gyeonggi province, South Korea. It borders Seoul to the north, confirmed the charges of child abuse, abandonment, neglect, kidnapping and drugging a minor.

Ahreum’s mother, identified as Mrs. Awas also sent to the prosecutor’s office accused of kidnapping and drugging minors.


In March 2024, Ahreum had accused her ex-husband, Mr. B, of mistreating their son and had filed a police report. Mr. B had also filed a complaint against Ahreum for child abuse between February and March.

After conducting an investigation, police concluded there was evidence of child abuse by Ahreum and referred the case to the prosecutor’s office. Ahreum and his mother have reportedly been ordered to maintain a temporary restraining order on their children.

A police official stated: “After thoroughly considering various circumstances, we concluded that there were charges against Ahreum and his mother and referred the case.”

It’s known that Mr. B was recently acquitted of charges related to this case.

T-ARA Areum Complaint
The photo that Ahreum uploaded of her son allegedly hurt by her ex-husband

On March 28, Ahreum regained consciousness. after falling into a coma due to a suicide attempt. The former idol left the following comment on a video posted by famous YouTuber Lee Jin Ho: “I started a lawsuit about child abuse. It’s so fascinating that this is the first thing I see when I regain consciousness. I will sue you for spreading false information“.

In the video, Lee Jin Ho claims that Ahreum’s fiancé tried to extort his followers and fans. Although Ahreum previously claimed that she had been hacked by a scammer, Lee Jin Ho alleges that Ahreum’s fiancé had told his followers that they needed money for an operation, since she was pregnant and hospitalized.

The YouTuber further alleged that Ahreum’s fiancé admitted to asking his followers for money.

According to an exclusive report from You in on March 26, Ahreum was taken to a hospital after attempting suicide. The terrible moment of the South Korean singer, 29, would be related to the stress and pressure caused by the divorce process with her ex-husband and the extortion she has suffered, in addition to the abuse complaint she has recently made.

Before the singer’s hospitalization became known Ahreumformer member of the K-Pop group T-ara, who attempted to take his own lifethe artist revealed through her Instagram account the horror she went through with her ex-husband and father of her children.

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