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They revealed what Fury’s future will be in Big Brother after knowing the results of the medical studies


Santiago del Moro revealed new details about the Juliana’s health status Rage Scaglione and announced when they will know the results of the studies that were carried out last week.

On his radio program The Moor’s Club (The 100), the driver of Big Brother (Telefe) said: “Today he has the meeting with the doctors. At night they made him fast in case they had to repeat any analysis. The protocol will be handled by the people of Los Arcos and they will have a meeting with her. If everything is fine and the medical entity signs the medical clearance, you will be able to return, and if they do not sign it, you will not“.

“Last week’s studies, the echo and the tomography, were very good. Now what they were waiting for were the blood tests, which were due first thing in the morning today. For this reason, they were not communicated to him before, “he said about them,” he added.

He even referred to the possibility that, if the results were bad, he would have to leave the reality show: “Today they take her out and they are going to tell her first and then she will see what she wants to do with that information. The doctors have the priority, then her and we will see what happens with her and the program. It is not known if what she may have, she has a diagnosis, or she has to go see herself every month, two or three.”

What studies were carried out on Fury from Big Brother

In a conversation in the living room with Bautista Mascia and Mauro D’Alessiothe player generated concern after her state of health and the video went viral on the internet.

“Right now I have to think about passing a test that could give me leukemia. Today I should be lying there, thinking that someone could catch me, and that I am 33 years old, and that I could have blood cancer.”he began saying.

“Let’s take it to the extreme. Am I wrong? No. To you, when things happen to you in life, you have to vibrate high because otherwise you don’t start to fit in with yourself, you get angry inside. I think I am the great example of what’s happening. And I have to wait 48 hours to find out what the f*ck I have,” detailed Juliana Furia Scaglione about your greeting inside the house of Big Brother (Telefe).


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