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They revealed what would have been the breaking point between Javier Milei and Fátima Florez: “The president did not like that”


Javier Milei announced in recent days his separation from Fátima Florez and now it was known what would have been the breaking point in the couple.

As revealed by the journalist Matias Vazquez in Show Partners (The thirteen), an out-of-protocol kiss in Miami would have triggered the scandal. “Fátima arrived in Miami on April 8. What happened? They are going to look for her and take her to Hollywood Beach, to a private apartment. She didn’t like that apartment and a conflict started.”

“On Tuesday he goes shopping at a mall and receives a phone call to tell him not to make posts, not to make publications or stories about his movements in Miami. They are limiting his life. Who was? The dome that accompanied Milei“he explained.

“On Wednesday she met with the president. They had the tribute for the Holocaust and that’s where the conflict started: a story that Fátima Florez uploaded, where you can see the Chief, Karina Milei, Milei and her. She intercedes with a kiss and a hug with Milei, in an act that was protocol and that was the breaking point. The president didn’t like that. On Thursday, they agreed to the end,” said the journalist.

What happened between Javier Milei and Fátima Florez

Javier Milei confirmed online that he separated from Fatima Florez. The President of the Nation explained in a brief statement the reason for their breakup, and clarified that they will maintain a bond of friendship.

“As a result of the overwhelming professional success that Fátima is experiencing, of whom I am extremely proud, she has received numerous job offers to work both in the United States and in Europe. This, added to the complex task that I face today and that the Argentines have given me entrusted, has led us to live separately, making impossible the relationship that we would like to have, despite how much we love each other,” wrote the head of state in a message published on his official account on X.

Separation Javier Milei and Fatima Florez

That is why we decided to end our relationship and maintain a bond of friendship given how we feel about each other and how much we love, respect and admire each other.

The official announcement comes after weeks of crisis rumors and denials.

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