They revealed who are the ones called to host the new season of Cocineros Argentinos

They revealed who are the ones called to host the new season of Cocineros Argentinos

Angel de Brito confirmed that Argentine Chefs come back to television after his farewell Public TV after 15 years and revealed that it will be for America TV.

The Cocineros Argentinos contract with América TV was signed today. They come back soon, at 12. Monday to Friday“, wrote the LAM (América TV) host on his X account.

They revealed who are the ones called to host the new season of Cocineros Argentinos

Following this information, the journalist Pablo Montagna He provided details and revealed who are the people invited to host the culinary series: “The idea is to go at noon, it could be an hour or an hour and a half. Tentative date is July 22“.

Details about Argentine Chefs

It remains to be seen whether the host will be a chef or an entertainer with a staff of cooks. Names: Pedro Alfonso, Paula Chaves and Jimena Barón, among others.“, he said.

Why TVP canceled Cocineros Argentinos

Argentine Chefs said goodbye in style to the screen of the Public TV after 15 years, and its members were very excited.

On Wednesday, March 27, the culinary series had its last live broadcast, but it will officially come to an end on Sunday, March 31 with a recorded episode.

Last live program from Cocineros Argentinos on the Public Television screen! “Thank you to all the @CocinerosArg who participated in the program, for the love, the recipes and the laughter shared with the whole country! Until next time!” they wrote on X (formerly Twitter) from TVP.

In the last block of the program, the chefs said goodbye with emotion, accompanied by more than 100 chefs from all over the country. “I joined this last year thinking that I was coming to an emblematic program, a milestone in television, which has made history, and I found everything that I already knew was going to happen and I also met people who are worth a lot. Thank you,” he said. Chantal Abad.

The pastry chef Luciano Garciafor his part, added: “It is difficult to express 15 years in a few words. The summary is a huge thank you, thank you to those who supported us every day. There was never a lack of love for what we do, for cooking.”

Finally, Juan Bracelli She said through tears: “This is a very special moment. We have to go back to the beginning and be thankful. This program started as a test and we are here after 15 years. Thanks to Public TV, to each of the efforts over the years, this is a program that there was no way to make if a public medium did not support it.“It’s very exciting to get to this point, thanks to everyone who participated in Cocineros Argentinos. It’s very exciting, thank you for supporting us all this time.”

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