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This is how famous people reacted to Boca’s victory against River: “I am always happy with you”


The famous people were watching the last superclásico last Sunday, where Boca beat River Plate 3 to 2 with two goals from Merentiel, and Cavani. In this way, the Xeneizes qualified for the semifinals of the League Cup.

I’m taken out. Sorry, but this is the best material I can offer you.” wrote Dalma Maradona. For her part, Gianina, her sister wrote: “Thank you for making me a Boca fan, thank you pa.”

Dalma and Gianina Maradona about the classic
Dalma and Gianina Maradona about the classic (screenshot @giamaradona and @dalmaradona)

For your partLeticia Siciliani She commented: “Mouth always mouth,” while sitting on the couch at home.

Leticia Siciliani looking into the mouth
Leticia Siciliani looking at her mouth screenshot @letisiciliani)

“A victory with many questions. A defeat that excites opined Ivan Noble. While Tartu he claimed: “In Disney Plate they keep passing the ball that Romero saves in a loop over the line in the hope that it goes in.” “Thank you, little mouth! “I am always happy with you.” said Sandra Mihanovich.

most famous people talking about Boca
More famous people talking about Boca
Laurita Fernández watching Boca 1
Laurita Fernández watching Boca screenshot @holasoylaurita)
Laurita Fernández watching Boca
Laurita Fernández watching Boca (screenshot @holasoylaurita)

Finally, Laurita Fernandez He shared some tender photos with Peluca -his partner-, and his dog Miel, and stated: “Ready.” When the game ended, he shared a photo with the mouth shirt, and closed: “Beautiful sold out, right?”

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