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This is the level of education of Nay Salvatori, Morena’s candidate for the Puebla Congress who parodied an assault


Nay Salvatori photo: Facebook: Nay Salvatori

Nayeli Salvatori Bojalil, a well-known communicator and politician, has marked her career both in the media and in the Mexican legislature. Born on August 26, 1985, Salvatori graduated in communication Sciences by Madero Universityand her career includes important roles as a radio host and columnist, in addition to her political participation as a federal representative. Member of the Social Encounter Party (PES)has stood out for her activism on diversity and gender issues, being part of relevant commissions in the Chamber of Deputies during the LXIV Legislature.

His professional career has given him presence in prominent media outlets such as TV Azteca, Televisa and Exa TV in Puebla, establishing himself as an influential figure on both radio and television. She also has a strong impact on social networks, with a solid base of followers on Instagram and TikTok, where she has called herself “The Lady of the Hills.”

(Photo: Facebook Nay Salvatori)(Photo: Facebook Nay Salvatori)

Her political career took a significant turn when she was elected to represent District 10 of Puebla, serving effectively on Radio and Television, Gender Equality, and Youth and Sexual Diversity commissions. Her commitment to these areas reflects her dedication to addressing and working on issues of vital social and cultural importance.

On November 3, 2018, Salvatori gained notable national attention after posting an invitation to smoke marijuana on his Twitter account, this in response to the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation that declared the ban on recreational use unconstitutional. this. This action underlined his defiant spirit and his stance in favor of individual rights and freedoms, themes that have permeated his career and representation.

In addition to her political and media impact, Nayeli Salvatori has proven to be a critical voice sympathetic to the 4T in various forums, fearlessly addressing controversies and national debates.

During this Thursday, a video was broadcast in which the candidate parodied an assault with her work team, a situation that outraged some characters because they mentioned that she needed to be more empathetic with people who have already assaulted in the real world and that it has been a situation that the Morenoist governments have failed to eradicate.

Nay Salvatori recreated an assault on public transport and provoked criticism on social networks Credit: CapturaNay Salvatori recreated an assault on public transport and provoked criticism on social networks Credit: Captura

Given this, Salvatori, in response, reposted the video with the legend, “no one gets bored with me in the campaign,” as well as mentioning that this event had made his networks more active than normal, an issue that was not unpleasant to him.

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